Welcome to the Downeast Employee Website

We hope this website will help you and your family members become more familiar with our organization, to introduce you to the benefits that are available to you as an employee, and to provide you with the resources to answer some frequently asked questions.

Employee Benefits Summary:

New full time employees are eligible to enroll in benefits on the first of the month following your first 30 days of employment.  Full time employees are employees who are scheduled to work at least 30 hours per week year round.  When your eligibility date approaches, you will be contacted by the Human Resources Department to discuss your benefits options and to make your benefits elections.

Every full time employee is given the opportunity to review and make changes to their benefits elections annually during our Open Enrollment period, usually six (6) weeks prior to the beginning of our new plan year which begins March 1.

Once you have elected your benefits for the plan year, elections cannot be changed until the next Open Enrollment unless you experience a qualifying event.  Qualifying events include birth, death, marriage, divorce, or loss of other coverage.  If you do experience a qualifying event, it is your responsibility to contact Human Resources within thirty (30) days of the qualifying event to exercise your right to change your benefits elections.

Downeast Toyota is happy to be able to provide you the following benefits through group plans available through the Maine Automobile Dealers Association (MADA).  Our association with MADA allows us to offer our employees more coverage for less money.

Medical/Health Insurance:

Anthem Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Maine is our insurance provider for health insurance.  Three plans are available to choose from.  The coverage under each plan is the same.  Employees have the option to choose between three different deductible and premium levels.

For frequently asked questions concerning plan coverage, deductibles, and out of pocket limits, please see the attached Medical Benefit Overview.  To view the full Summary Plan Document, please click here.  To view your medical and pharmacy claims online, please visit www.anthem.com.

Dental Insurance:

Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield is also our insurance provider for our group dental insurance coverage.  For frequently asked questions concerning dental coverage, please see the attached Dental Plan Overview. To view the full Summary Plan Document, please click here.  

Basic Life Insurance/Personal Accident Insurance:

Through Prudential Insurance and MADA, we provide $5,000 of life insurance and $12,500 to each full time employee at Downeast at no charge.

Short Term Disability Insurance:

Through MADA and Prudential Insurance, Downeast is pleased to be able to provide every full time employee with 12 weeks of short term disability insurance at no charge.  In the event that you are ill for over seven (7) days, or if you sustain an injury and a physician determines that you are unable to perform the essential functions of your job, you are eligible receive up to $300 per week for up to 12 weeks.

Voluntary Life Insurance:

We offer each full time employee the opportunity to purchase term life insurance at group rates for themselves, their spouses and dependent children through Sun Life Financial Services.  To help you determine how much life insurance you need for yourself and your family members, please see the attached worksheet.  To view the full Summary Plan Document, please click here.

Voluntary Long Term Disability:

Full time employees have the option to purchase Long Term Disability insurance to supplement the Short Term disability benefit provided by the Company.  This benefit is offered through UNUM.  To calculate your cost to purchase up to $6,000 per month of Long Term Disability insurance, please see the attached worksheet.  To view the full Summary Plan Document, please click here.

Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts:

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Heath Savings Accounts (HSAs) allow you to set aside pre-tax dollars to reimburse yourself for your out of pocket medical and/or dependent care expenses.  You elect the annual amount and the money is divided by the number of pay periods in our benefits plan year and deducted from your paycheck pre-tax.  For more information on FSA accounts, please visit this link to Group Dynamic, our FSA Third Party Administrator.  To view your account activity online, please contact Group Dynamic to establish your user name and password.

401k Retirement Plan:

Full time employees are eligible to participate in our Company 401k plan after celebrating their first anniversary with Downeast.  You may begin contributing to the Plan on the first of the month following the first quarter after completing your first year of employment. The Human Resources office will assist you by scheduling a meeting for you with a plan representative.

A 401(k) represents a way to reduce your taxable income since contributions come out of your pay before taxes are withheld, and the money you save benefits from tax-deferred growth, which lets your money compound more quickly than it would if it were taxed yearly.

If you wish to view your account online, please call 1-800-854-0647 to set up a user name and password.  Once you have established a user name and password, please click here to visit the Empower website where you can view your personalized performance or make changes to your account.

Ahern Scholarship:

Robert “Bob” Ahern served as Toyota’s first Boston Regional Manager from 1978 to 1983.  In tribute to his memory and in respect for his achievements, a scholarship fund was established to assist eligible students of employees of New England Toyota dealerships.  Please click here eligibility requirements, deadlines, and a copy of the scholarship form.

Bangor Workplace Advantage:

Through our corporate association with Bangor Savings Bank, we are pleased to offer you access to Bangor Savings Bank Workplace Advantage program.  As an employee of Downeast Toyota-Scion, you automatically qualify for Bangor Savings Bank premier services.  For more information on the program, please click here.  You can also visit www.bangor.com or call your local Bangor Savings Bank branch.